ADU Services

In response to the recent housing crisis the state of California has revised it’s policies on ADUs making it easier than ever for homeowner’s to get approval on building additional dwelling units on their property.

Additional Dwelling Unit, or ADU is the legal term for 2nd residences on our property that were sometimes called granny flats, guest houses, apartments, a garage conversion or a back house. There are many reasons for doing this, and it is not just the obvious one of an increase in the overall living space of your home.

Families are growing and blending together. Having a space your older teenager to call their own can be very healthy, an intermediate stage before they fully leave for college. As our population ages having the flexibility for elderly family to live on your property ensures there is someone close by if they need assistance, without the pressure of living completely together. For those who love their hobbies, a ADU can create a home office or personal retreat.

In addition to this an ADU will instantly increase your property value, and can act as a source of potential income in the future.


We can help you add an ADU to your home! After an initial meeting we will research and discuss with you what sort of an additional dwelling we can build. To streamline the process, save you money and time, we have several basic design packages that we can customize to your specifications





Our team will evaluate your property and determine the maximum allowable size for your ADU, from there you can pick from one of our designs, which we will then tailor to your needs and desires. This will include a site evaluation to allow us to figure out the best way to maximize the design and ensure that it is a harmonious addition to your home. Once we have a completed master set we apply for and complete the permitting process.


Choosing Nott Construction to handle the building of your planned ADU will ensure a hassle free transition from planning to construction. With 25+ years of experience and the most ADUs built in South Pasadena Nott Construction has a track record you can count on.