Solar Tubes vs. Skylights

Solar tubes or skylights are a great way to bring natural light into your home. Solar tubes are easier to install than traditional skylights and offer similar advantages. Solar tubes typically take up less space and offer more options in their installation. An installed skylight can cost from $600 or $3000 depending on the condition of the roof and ceilings. A solar tube will cost you about $500 installed.3SkylightsA solar tube is composed of a dome at the roof level that lets in the light. That dome is connected to a glass panel in the living space through flexible reflective tubing. This flexible tube offers more options and ease of installation than a traditional skylight. Solar tubes can be installed during construction or at a later date as a retrofit.Sun-Tunnel-Cutaway

The solar tube offers passive lighting during the daylight hours and will save on lighting costs. Solar tubes are used in otherwise dark internal hallways or rooms without windows. They provide constant light during the day.

After deciding on a good plan for the location of a solar tube the most important thing to consider is the penetration at the roof. An older roof’s waterproofing is often compromised when solar tubes are installed improperly. Only a licensed roofer can determine the best location and installation technique and help you decide if a solar tube is a good choice for your roof.