I engaged Nott and Associates (Both Tom and Jeff) to design and construct an addition to my existing master bathroom. The City of Pasadena, required many initial drawings of existing construction and many interactions on the remodeling and addition. Tom provided all the information they required gaining the permits required, and at the same time gave me the design I wanted (and I tend to know what I want pretty specifically.)   The work was extensive involving creating new roof lines, extending walls, rewiring and plumbing. I used complicated new appliances with many electronic options and replaced water heaters with on demand units. The finishes included French ribbon limestone, porcelain tiles, mirrors and recessed lighting and major expansion of storage.   At the same time as he was working on the bath, and based on my positive experience, I also asked Jeff to remodel my den, update the insulation, power and HVAC systems for the whole house, replace the kitchen floors and make a number of changes to blend the new with the old so that the house had a polished seamless look.   I was extremely pleased with the final results and would use both Notts again if I were able. When I sold the house, I am certain that I benefited in both price and selling time from the quality of work both Tom and Jeff did. At sale time, Jeff was also able to provide me with workmen to help freshen the house up to make it more attractive.   Jeff was thorough and is used to providing detailed results meeting the expectations that his clients have considering the major investments they are making in their houses. He used excellent and competent staff who were not only professional in their results, they were respectful of the fact that I was living in the house at the same time.   The whole experience with the Notts left me with a very happy result. I subsequently moved far away from Pasadena, and in remodeling efforts I undertook on my current house, I wished I had the Notts to assist me. The experience with them was an excellent learning experience and I have used the knowledge I gained to my advantage. Since.

Hugh Porter, Pasadena