Award winning remodel by Nott & Associates Pasadena. Historic craftsman home before our renovation.

Luxury Architecture, Interior Design and Construction in Pasadena

Nott & Associates has been serving the city of Pasadena and surrounding areas for over 40 years. We are experts at creating beautiful spaces both inside and out. As a design and firm with architecture, interior design, and construction under roof, we offer a wide range of services from custom bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, whole house remodels, ADU conversions, home additions, and ground up custom home construction.

Pasadena Craftsman Architecture, Construction & Luxury Remodeling Near You

Our Service Area

We take pride in transforming your Pasadena home into a timeless masterpiece. Our services include architecture, interior design, additions, remodels, historic renovation, and ground-up construction. With a commitment to authenticity and innovation, our team excels at capturing the essence of Pasadena’s architectural diversity.

Design/Build/Remodel Services in Pasadena


Whether it’s a small remodel or a multi-story craftsman home, our talented architects excel at turning your vision for your Pasadena home or remodel into a timeless design.

Craftsman Construction

With a reputation for high-quality construction services, our crews approach every project with thoroughness and dedication, ensuring stunning results for your Pasadena home remodel.

Interior Design

Our talented design team includes skilled interior designers that will create a comfortable and functional interior space for your Pasadena home.

Historic Home Renovation

We have a passion for preserving Pasadena’s architectural history. Our architects, interior designers and construction crews excel at remodeling old craftsman homes, blending modern comforts with timeless beauty.

Home Additions & ADUs

Looking to enhance square footage? Let us remodel your Pasadena home or garage with custom details that expand living space and elevate its style and functionality.

Luxury Remodels

With extensive experience in Pasadena home remodels, our architects and construction crews are ready to transform your home, meeting all your needs.

Bathroom Remodels

We are experts in Pasadena bathroom remodels. We will design and build space that is comfortable, timeless and full of custom amenities.

Kitchen Remodels

We have decades of experience in kitchen remodels. Our kitchen remodels feature custom craftsman details and luxury appliances.

Full Service Design & Build

Our skilled architects, artisans, interior designers and builders collaborate to bring your vision for your Pasadena home remodel or construction project to life.

Our work in Pasadena is inspired by our passion for the community and the city’s unique architectural beauty. With over 40 years in Pasadena, we have transformed countless homes, staying true to the city’s historic craftsman roots.

1920s Hacienda-inspired Spanish style home, historic restoration in Pasadena.
Custom craftsman pool house in Pasadena with architecture, construction, and interior design done by our team
Twentieth-century Victorian home after luxury remodel and historic restoration

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Interior of craftsman pool house designed by Nott & Associates

Initiate your project with a complimentary consultation by a design and build expert over the phone. Share your vision, location, and budget, and let us guide you on what we can do for you. Click below to fill out the form, and we will contact you promptly.

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