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Restored Craftsman home with period details
Craftsman home remodeled back to period style.
Ready To Marry Your Contractor?
Working with a contractor is like a marriage “you give them your trust, money and the keys to your house and you expect mutual trust. Trust is absolutely essential for a partnership to work out to everyone’s advantage. Finding someone reliable who knows the business inside and out is of paramount importance.” That’s powerful advice from someone who should know: local contractor Jeff Nott of South Pasadena-based Nott & Associates. “I’m 41 years old, I first picked up a hammer when I was about 2.” says Jeff Nott with a chuckle. “No really… I have pictures of me with a hammer banging on things.” Working together with his father, Tom Nott, A.I.A., Nott has served local homeowners by providing complete architecture, interior decorating, construction and remodeling services through all stages of construction with an emphasis on the architecture and construction of historic homes, property restoration, general construction and interior design.

Why Nott?

“I’ve been at this a long time and I’m quite knowledgeable.” Jeff Nott says. “I’ve learned a lot of things through trial and error, and through research, I share this with my clients.” It wasn’t always a given that Nott would even end up in the construction craft. His father Tom designed and built the family house just before Jeff’s birth. “I was born into a house with the paint still drying,” Jeff says. Nott began helping his father to remodel that house at age 7. Jeff Nott’s career in construction seemed as set in cement as poured concrete foundations. Although he spent his summers working in construction from when he was about 13 years old, growing up, Nott grew less enthusiastic about embracing the trade. He decided to study bio-chemistry, a pre-med degree, at the University of Santa Barbara. In due time, he realized he was not cut to be a doctor, after all. It was not long before he found himself back in the construction industry he had known and loved since his childhood days and throughout high school and college. Perhaps he was destined to be where he is right now. Nott says there is much more to construction than what he first thought. “It isn’t just bending nails,” Nott said. He realized he enjoys dealing with clients, dealing with suppliers, and he even likes dealing with the city and all the bureaucracy. What he likes most about the construction industry is working with homeowners, making their dreams come true. “They’re the ones who foot the bill,” added Nott, whose says his main goals are to make his clients boundlessly happy, more educated about different architectural styles, and to answer whatever questions they might have. And of course, he enjoys working with his employees. “I really like my crews,” said Nott, who in no uncertain terms expressed his deep appreciation for his employees who literally bust their thumbs and ankles, get their backs sweaty and their clothes dirty, while working for “Team Nott”. Nott & Associates offers a complete range of architecture, interior decorating, construction and remodeling services. Nott’s company works throughout the whole of the San Gabriel Valley area including Pasadena. With more than 35 years of operations, the company has won numerous awards and partners with clients to design and build custom homes and remodeling projects within budget and on schedule. “When you look at one of our signs, underneath the logo we have our motto: ‘When quality counts.'” Nott says. “When people think about us, I want them to remember that.”